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tv   Headline News  RT  July 29, 2014 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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israel has intensified its shelling of gaza leaving dozens dead children the israeli prime minister has warned of a protracted campaign until hamas is disarmed and its tunnels destroyed. sick and tired of european observers in east ukraine say their attempts to work at the malaysian plane crash site being affected by the constant fighting. helping to construct offices for the twenty twenty two world cup reportedly haven't
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been paid off to a year of toiling in the desert heat in slum like conditions. a very good morning to you from all of us here at r.t. international in moscow ten am here in tel aviv into your headlines we go to gaza has suffered one of its heaviest bombardments yet by the israeli forces overnight it's reported at least thirteen palestinians were killed one airstrike hit the house of a hamas political leader while another targeted a media complex run by the group the israeli prime minister is warning of a prolonged military campaign. was there's. no one. was.
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the one of. the yeah the. these pictures from our correspondent in gaza show how folk on the streets after an alleged drone strike could be i'll shut the refugee camp the message killed nine children eight decapitation one man and severely wounded another but the i.d.f. says it has nothing to do with the attack i mean this was a failed morning by hamas. in gaza for oxford. it's meant to be a time of celebration the beginning of the islamic jihad holidays when most of gaza's population its children are entirely deprived of stability and security of both body and mind man has now power lies to live on like a mother and two sisters killed in raids on their home town
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a nice gas of the seven year old thought she died when she woke up with no feeling in her legs their kids they don't have any guns they don't have any they have little to dream i want to say i want to go to the journey i want to have a business there is children what his if. for this country he was waiting for it now there is no i don't go as a nurse no no jim says the staff themselves a traumatised by the cases they've handled she says the whole population will need psychological help after a cease fire eventually comes just along the corridor or abu abdullah waits as his son undergoes surgery having lost a hand in the attacks. his pregnant wife lost their baby to top it off like hundreds of others they also lost their homes totally destroyed in strikes on the pummel church or your neighborhood tens of thousands remain internally displaced
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having fled injury death and demolition these nine families live in a parking lot below a damaged tower building in gaza city center the eighty family members are lucky not to be sheltering in un run schools in far worse conditions. they would have been no had. wednesday. in gaza hundreds of civilians have been killed in less than three weeks palestinians are in every way fatigued by this war it's bitterly felt all the more during the supposed holy days now palestinians call this the age of martyrs israel has been dropping these leaflets on west alleging that hamas is withholding the full number of casualties among its militants but despite the shocking and horrendous number of palestinian civilians killed a mass has an answer for why it's rejected internationally proposed indefinite ceasefire deals with about the freedom we're talking about as a server is
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a big one hundred forty six miles with two million people being a big thing since it's years that we're talking. no products knowledge that if it be everything is going to. we're going to continue to defend ourselves to have our freedom especially the wall of the silence there's growing international pressure to put an end to all of this but so far both sides remain stubbornly and tragically firm in their stances howry fear r.t. . over a thousand palestinians have been killed in the campaign so far with israel losing about a fifty soldiers and three civilians but dozens of reservists are now refusing to take part they've signed a petition to denounce the offensive and here at r.t. international we had a chance to speak with one of them. we're not willing to be good israelis
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to support their military adventures to support the the oppression of the native population but we have to remember that the population of this country and the majority of it are the palestinians even if whether they're in palestine itself or whether they're refugees so we can't just count ourselves among israeli jews and ask ask ourselves whether you know whether we're close enough to the soldier or the government of the establishment we have to think about the people of this country and of this region and the best interests of everybody involved it's impossible to stay unmoved and yet it is possible because the society around us israeli society is so is so militarized is so caught up in. this in monetarist that propaganda in education that. almost entirely
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supports support for the operation even encouraging their government to go further to kill more during the course of this operation over six hundred protesters against the operation against the war have been arrested and are still under arrest for trumped up charges you know the kind the. police brings up against you one day here they want to suppress the protests and they queues you assaulting them or illegal assembly you're obstructing policeman in the line of duty with these sorts of accusation. thanks for joining us today c.e. observers working at the crash site of the malaysian airliner m.h. seventy eight in east ukraine they say they are sick and tired of being interrupted by gunfire forces claim to be closing in on the resistance hub of dawn yet sq. they insist they've actually retaken control now of several towns close to the crash site within an area that actually has been declared
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a no combat zone however these claims have been refuted by the self-proclaimed authorities in the region let's show you some pictures here from the town of torres where residential areas have apparently come on the fire again clashes are reportedly underway in the city that have been no reports of casualties as of yet. as shelled residential areas in the city of lugansk this video here reportedly showing a shell hitting a large residential building locals also say an elderly care home was hit killing five people inside an international investigation into the mh seventeen crash and the region remains at a standstill. reports from the russia ukraine border you've been a couple of days away see the international team of forensic experts plus the international police force involving nationals and us right nationals they can get to the site of the crash as the fighting that continues said between the ends of
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government forces and the ukrainian military now this is all happening despite the announcement of a forty kilometer combat zone by president poroshenko that's clearly being violated meanwhile the civilians that continue to die both in that place near the crash site of the malaysian airlines flight plus in other cities surrounding the city of donetsk which is one of the largest cities in eastern ukraine. images released by washington which purport to show how russia attacked eastern ukraine has led to more speculation in the media the images were posted on twitter by a washington official. guy nature cannot takes a knife and cuts through the spin. some journalist received the satellite pictures which the u.s. presents as evidence of russian shelling into ukraine via e-mail but much of the world found out about it from the twitter account of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine one of the images according to u.s.
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officials shows russian self-propelled artillery in washer and the other part of that same image u.s. intelligence determined shows craters inside ukraine indicating strikes from artillery that date on the picture is july twenty third these images have changed quite a few hands before they made their way into the embassadors tweets on all of these pictures you see the name of the company digital globe which is a commercial provider of satellite imagery and aerial photos the office of the director of national intelligence is said to have analyzed the pictures and written all these captions with their analysis and then they handed it to the city apartment to be released twitter the spokesperson of the russian defense ministry had this to say such materials were posted on twitter coincidentally since it's impossible to establish their authenticity due to lack of exact reference to the location and the extremely low resolution. journalists now operate in an
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environment where both sides that is the u.s. and russia brushoff evidence put forward by the other u.s. officials attack media that they're to even question the information that they put forward so r t came under yet another attack this time on twitter here's the u.s. embassy in washington responding to our news tweets about the satellite images it says considering who pays artists bills it's not surprising there are to questions validity of u.s. satellite evidence and then there is another tweet saying given some of the experts shown on our teeth very hard to believe anything they say one has to wonder if the underlying implication is that everybody absolutely must believe everything the u.s. government says and presents this evidence well there's not much questioning in the u.s. mainstream media c.n.n. has learned u.s. intelligence satellites and radars have monitored repeated or chiller a fire from the russian side of the border for the last several days in washington i'm going to check out our team. russia's military industry is moving quickly to
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make itself for the armed forces self-sufficient this comes after ukraine which had been supplying around thirty percent of all parts for russian military hardware broke off cooperation with moscow russia it will now take over the production and maintenance of some attack helicopters and military planes ukraine will no longer supply and monitor ballistic missile components spacecraft and orbital rockets would also be made entirely in russia the total cost of severing military industrial ties with ukraine coming to an approximate two hundred fifty million dollars i want to express told us that russia did make preparations for this split in advance. well. we never bought any complete weapons from ukraine only components and we do not even need to build new factories as all of these parts can eventually be produced at our existing facilities and then i do not expect any problems we will be completely technically independent from ukraine so
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there is no way to manipulate us when a political split with ukraine appeared likely we thought some of the parts to keep in reserve they are easily enough to cover our needs until we can produce them ourselves within two and a half years. now you can find all the very latest developments in the ongoing ukraine crisis on air and online of course our web site as well. still ahead for you here on the program last orders for london pubs look at why the u.k. is watering holes are closing down only to be replaced with supermarkets and luxury housing. plus these pictures. were not taken in syria or iraq but right. over europe find out what the locals in the hague had to say about the sanctioned demonstration. iran like syria has been george very harshly on the constant.
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isn't it justified if not pursuing the weapon and you know raising to spectrum of personal revenue would lead to one young who say move he was developing nuclear weapons. to see the. movie before. we would be stupid not to take you.
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it's r t international thanks for joining us to qatar where migrant workers who helped to build luxury offices for the organizers of the twenty twenty two world cup well they haven't been paid in a year an investigation by britain's guardian newspaper found them living in inhuman conditions and constant fear of being imprisoned after being left without their paperwork the current sponsorship system known as kafala ultimately chains foreign workers to a single employer who can then treat stuff badly seemingly without consequence or even punishment for that matter small rooms infested with cockroaches often house up to ten immigrants and forced to work six to seven days a week for ten hours in searing heat of over forty five degrees often leading to sunstroke and vomiting and deaths are allegedly common their documents are
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illegally seized the medical care is not provided and all payment reportedly stops after the first few months sharon borrow from the international trade union confederation a few things cuts are should be boycotted until fundamental labor laws of put in place. look at tao is a slave state it some more than days state you up on by one person so you will contract you signed before you leave your home country but when you get to get the employer can often simply tear it up or not pay you wages or treat you in any oppressive way they like workers of both desperate for working poor countries so most of these migrants are from nepal india the philippines parts of africa and i don't understand because nobody tells them what they will face when they get ticket town it's not given enough attention by international governments
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companies governments they can say thank you we don't want to work with you until you change the words until you abolish the foulest system until you put in place fundamental labor rights. you harnessed militants from the so-called islamic state to pushing further into syria and iraq so bring death and destruction all along the way it's true most groups hardline take on islam has even alienated that of al qaeda and that doesn't stop the dutch government allowing a pro islamic state rally in the hague demonstrators shouted. anti semitic slogans and called on european muslims to support she had thousands of paid grows unsnarl on the city's mayor suttle sanctioning the protest and geo political analyst william engdahl he says the islamist group is working hard and succeeding in destabilizing europe. the very fact that they allow this on the
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demonstrators who were chanting death to the troops quite lovely streets every european country is really. quite shocked and secure the isis is a creation. u.s. intelligence in iraq and now. this global caliphate that they claim the islamic state they are getting their marching orders their arms or weapons are u.s. weapons and it's the vehicle for destabilization destabilizing not only the arabic middle east and beyond but also europe. to open up the world of the country ready now to grant asylum to iraq e christians thousands of people from religious minorities in iraq have been forced to flee due to death threats from the islamic state extremist group christians in most school whose homes were mocked or forced to convert to islam pay
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a special protection tax iraq is home to one of the oldest christian communities in the world. and nigeria where boko haram a cross several towns have taken at least fifteen lives a suicide bomber blew herself up at a gas station in the town of kano and an out of state islam is to burn down a police station and a military camp. which seeks to establish an islamic state in nigeria has now killed more than two thousand civilians just this year. and twenty one civilians including six children have been killed by islamic terrorists in the philippines radicals from the abu sayyaf network open fire on two vans carrying people to a feast marking the end of ramadan some of the victims were part of a volunteer force which actually has been helping the army fight against the militant group the military's been waging a campaign against abu sayyaf for the past two decades. and i'm
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a christian group is being evicted by police from vienna's only squat a thousand riot police with water cannons were sent in to clear the building of fifty squatters and the anarchists were originally invited by the building's owner to scare off old tenant who were refusing to move to make way for a new real estate project but the anarchist decided they liked the housing and thought they would stay put. now just where it could hundreds of thousands of guns intended for the army suddenly go missing and you'd be right if your first guest was afghanistan you had to call him you can get all the details about this enormous and potentially deadly security blunder. plus why a fish can be better than a hearty handshake study confirms the more traditional greeting carries more health risks than the cool fist bump.
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the sea. search string. and i think you're. going to. be. good to have you with us today here on the international the traditional london pub could soon be history british watering holes are closing down fast to be replaced with the lucrative plush apartment buildings so we dispatched for a pint to find out why. there are a few things more quintessentially british than the pub where pulling pints is a tradition dating back centuries some of the capital's oldest watering holes have been graced by the likes of byron keats charles dickens and even queen elizabeth
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the first but it could soon be lost orders for the u.k.'s taverns the british beer and public says they're disappearing at a rate of fifty per week mutating into ubiquitous convenience store chains supermarkets and most often housing this has been parts of old london town for the seventeen hundreds it looks quaint but it was recently sold by its owners first staggering twenty seven million pounds and guess what the developers want to do yes turn it into apartments calling time on centuries of ales willing socialising prices for housing in the capital are sky high which is why pub landlords are cashing in to ego property developers are intrinsically appealing well built often in the victorian era with current touristic attractive to residential. it's happening across the whole of the caption at the moment the
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resolute pub in london's eastend didn't live up to its name after the landlady knocked it down and turned it into flats during because at the star in north london have included paul mccartney and dustin hoffman but that's not stopped owners punch taverns from selling out to developers who want to deal the death blow to the friendly local converting it into a luxury mansion west millions of pounds many a celebrity and regular have taken to trying to save it the castle in south london has been shut down but the local community is still putting up fortifications after the pub group that owned it sold out to developers that want to bulldoze it. or wait for it luxury flats however in a sign that local authorities could be waking up to the prospect of a pub apocalypse an application to convert the old white bear in north london into you know what was more than the council could bat so they rejected it but what is
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it that makes this british institution worth saving london pubs i suppose all british pubs are unique in the world they have been described to social level as and what that means is there are many places where barrister so i could rub shoulders alongside a bin man apart from the bar counter that has heritage it's been going on for many years it's been here since time began london it's about you know tourism as well you know and people want to come to traditional palled so you have traditional. folk they've got nowhere to go we're going to go to the community you know when you see it all over the country so many pubs are closing down but it's not right and yet in the last decade alone london has lost over a thousand of its legendary watering holes and once they're gone they usually last forever which is why campaigners say or thirty's need to step up their protection
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of the public house before times called on the tradition for the final time. london. as we come to you live from moscow thank you for joining us here on r.t. international today just a moment martin is here in this aggression edition of our broken abby is asking why so many u.s. politicians on capitol hill happened to be a millionaire. in fish farms waters. you have a problem because. and i saw it spread all over norway is the most toxic food you have and who will profit drowns out of the tissue inquiry furthermore restrictions .
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really knows what's inside the feeling of. the plant. different. question that i think that are good can you go question is that i do it near. you live be of the spirit which yet that is a ladder when i need it so the mind to huddle supports also spoke with. you to tell you that you do that you are right oh yes and yet you needed at last it seems that there was an indonesian. solutions for this and that is the. invoking.
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you know she good lumber touring curbeam was able to build on these most sophisticated rowboat which on certainly doesn't excuse the doing the sound anything tunes mission to teach creation and why you should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. what's up folks i mean martin and this is breaking the set so last week the supreme court voted but hobby lobby is exempt from writing four types of contraceptives guaranteed by obamacare the ruling claimed the mandate violated the corporation's religious beliefs it was the court sided with the false assumption that birth control equals abortion considering how i would be morning after pills are lumped
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into the exemption but despite the ridiculousness of the granting corporations religious rights supporters of the decision never spotted that it's only a narrow ruling which only applies to those or types of birth control called into question right while it only took one day for that argument to fall apart to see just one day after the ruling the high court ordered that appeal courts really hear cases where companies have previously fought to deny coverage for any type of birth control still sound like a constricted ruling to you that's not all because as many people have pointed out granting corporations religious freedom is an extremely dangerous precedent so it carpenter at the nation put as business owners now have a new basis for trying to evade anti-discrimination laws in their responsibilities to their employees religious liberty is already the rallying cry for conservatives looking for a legal way to discriminate against americans and further evidence of the why the like ability of the ruling lawyers have filed motions on behalf of get the
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detainees asking officials to allow their clients to take part. no prayer during ramadan citing you guessed it their hobby rock. or rolling i mean they have corporations are protected by the religious freedom restoration act sure their client is actually a human being should be two now while this move by get a lawyer is actually positive it just goes to show you how the interpretation of hobby lobby is now totally up for grabs because no matter what the kings of the supreme court promise when it comes to legalizing discrimination there's no such thing as a narrow interpretation and let's break this up. it's a. very hard to. get back with that there.


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